Replace Old Kick Plates

Why kick plates?

A kickplate is a kitchen feature that is more than just an aesthetic addition to a finished cupboard. It is a protective plate – made of plastic, metal, wood or specialized boards such as MelaWood–that is installed at the bottom of a cupboard; as the name suggests, its primary function is to protect the cupboard from foot traffic but also from broom bumps, wet mops and vacuum cleaners.

However, not all cupboards have kickplates. Bathroom cupboards are left as is especially if they feature pretty or decorative legs. Cupboards with legs make it possible to clean and dry the floor. But it is best to have kickplates in rooms such as kitchens and bedrooms because they keep insects and dust out of the cupboards and they perfectly round off the look of the built-in cupboards; your kitchen cabinetry willappear one with your kitchen design scheme.

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